She’s Regina Buenaobra, Community Manager of Guild Wars 2.

So, what about her? Well, she’s born a Filipina, but raised in America. So yeah. We kinda have this Filipino pride and I feel happy that there’s a Filipino in the ArenaNet team. :P

Also, she’s doing pretty impressive stuffs outside ANet, like writing about videogames, the gaming culture, the perspective of underrepresented gamers and other interesting things.

You can check her website here: ;)

Oh hey, that’s me. That’s an old picture we tweeted out a few years ago. :-)

I haven’t been back to the Philippines since 2003. Probably won’t be going back for a while. What I miss most is the food! You can’t get calamansi juice (which I don’t drink with any sweetener), the same green mangoes they have in the Philippines, or santol (om nom nom) here in the States.

Mabuhay to all the Filipino Guild Wars 2 fans. :-) 

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